Hidden danger claims unwary motorists

17:00, Jul 18 2014

Black ice caused crashes in South Canterbury yesterday but did not create the havoc police were expecting.

Timaru acting sergeant Sam Winchester said they had been waiting for many ice-related issues but they did not eventuate.

A car with a trailer went through the Otipua Rd, Wai-iti Rd roundabout and slid on the ice, he said. "The trailer tipped over."

A four-wheel-drive with a trailer closed the Rangitata Bridge from about 6.30am for over an hour when it hit ice and slid out of control.

There was also a minor crash in Waimate when a vehicle hit black ice and slid off the road.

Waimate constable Gareth Oudemans said it had been raining on Thursday evening and then became extremely cold overnight causing black ice. It was a timely reminder for drivers to drive to the conditions.

"Slow down and keep control of the vehicle," Oudemans said. "Just because it's sunny doesn't mean it's not going to be icy."

South Canterbury District Health Board communications manager Nicola Prue said there had been a slight increase in people going to the emergency department due to the ice.

The Herald understands they included a cyclist who fell off his bike on his way to work and broke his hip.


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