Nod for church upgrade

Plans for an extension at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Temuka have been approved.

The plans involve building a new worship centre, expected to seat about 80 people, attached to the existing complex in Hally Tce. Ideas for the extension began three years ago when the old church was pulled down because of earthquake-related damage.

Senior elder Jill Barnett said the congregation could not afford to repair the old church but did have the finances to build a new one.

The extension would be completed by the same builder who built the 2002 complex, she said. Although the plans have been approved, building will not start until late September or early October.

The Temuka Trinity Presbyterian Church had a winter average of 51 people attending Sunday services. The complex hosts a holiday craft programme for children each term, the most recent last week involving 42 youngsters.

The church farewells its minister, the Rev Evan Stenlake, and his wife, Alicia, at the end of the month. The couple are moving back to Australia.

"They will be sadly missed. We have thoroughly enjoyed the work they have done," Barnett said.

The Rev Helen Wallis will start work with the parish next month.

The Timaru Herald