Rockfalls fail to stop climber

19:07, Jul 24 2014

Timaru-born mountaineer Christine Jensen Burke has copped a rockfall as she makes her way to the summit of K2.

She is attempting to be the first Australasian woman to climb the "savage mountain" in Pakista, and has made her way to Camp 2, in spite of rockfalls, wind and snow.

"It was a bit hairy with lots of rockfalls and one that landed on my helmet in Houses Chimney.

"It is every bit as mentally and physically challenging as we expected and much windier than forecast, with tough snow conditions at times, but we are told it is calmer above C4 [the last camp]."

She said the ropes and rope fixing to C2 were of a very good standard and her Sherpa team would climb ahead to fix parts of the route to the summit.

If all went to plan, she would have navigated the crux of the mountain - the Black Pyramid, nearly 400m of vertical and near vertical terrain - yesterday.

Conditions permitting, she should arrive at the K2 summit some time tomorrow.


The Timaru Herald