Survey flushes out residents' grudges

19:31, Jul 25 2014
timaru public toilets
COMPLAINTS: Public toilets in Timaru have come in for more complaints than the council wants.

Highest dissatisfaction with Timaru District Council facilities is reserved for public toilets and swimming pools, according to the 2014 Communitrak community survey.

Only 53 per cent of Timaru residents were satisfied with their town toilets, compared with 79 per cent in Geraldine and 63 per cent in Pleasant Point-Temuka.

The survey showed 46 per cent of respondents used the toilets three or more times a year, 26 per cent used them once or twice, and 28 per cent held on and did not use them at all.

The main reasons for dissatisfaction were the toilets were dirty, smelly, in poor condition - or there were just not enough of them.

Public swimming pools also came under fire, with 7 per cent of respondents saying they disapproved of the council decision for ratepayers to fund CBay and the cost of repairs.

Overall, 16 per cent were dissatisfied with public pools, above the national average of 10 per cent. In terms of council spending, respondents considered public toilets the top priority.


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