Dog's 'total assault' investigated

23:55, Jul 25 2014

A dog attack in Timaru on Thursday afternoon is under investigation.

A woman saw the attack in Archer St while walking her own dog.

She said a large dog jumped a fence and attacked a small white dog being walked by an older woman.

"It was just a total assault," she said, describing the larger dog "swivelling it [the smaller dog] around like a rag doll".

The attack ended when the owner of the property the dog came from kicked it in the hind quarters.

"We can't walk around the streets without fear now," the witness said.

Another woman, who was backing out of the opposite house, called the police.

Timaru District Council acting chief executive Chris English said that animal control officers were investigating the attack after witnesses contacted the council.

However, no further action would be taken without a complaint by the attacked dog's owner, he said.


The Timaru Herald