Youth might get voice on council

19:37, Jul 25 2014

Timaru youth may get the chance to share their views as part of a Youth Council.

A proposal from Timaru district councillor Anthony Brien to start a Timaru District Youth Council again will be discussed at the Timaru District Council community services committee meeting on Tuesday.

The proposal states the Timaru District has many groups representing different aspects of the community from elderly to sporting groups, but no official group representing young people in terms of their engagement with local governance.

Forming a Youth Council will fill this void and provide an important communication mechanism between the youth in the community and elected TDC councillors, Brien believed.

"The council's mission is, in part, to see a vibrant and growing community of which our youth are our future."

There have been youth councils set up by the district council in the past, however, they were unsuccessful.


Recently, there has been a national increase in the number of youth councils, including in Ashburton, Cromwell and Waitaki.

"It is time for the Timaru District to support the creation of a youth council."

He envisaged the youth council taking on a number of tasks, mainly as an advisory group to inform the work and activities of the council.

Members will be young people between the ages of 15-24 who live in the Timaru District.

They will need to attend youth council meetings and TDC committee and council meetings wherever possible.

The project will require initial "seed-funding" and then an on-going budget. The estimated project for the budget is $16,500 which covers money for advertising, room hire, travel and leadership training for members.

The Timaru Herald