Timaru not at risk from Major bungle

23:55, Jul 25 2014

It is unlikely disgraced engineer Anthony Major worked on any Timaru buildings, according to the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (Ipenz).

Anthony Stanley Major was expelled from the institute for breaching its code of ethics after substandard work was discovered on constructions he had designed and overseen.

Two of the projects he was involved with were Southland Stadium and Wanaka Community Pool. The stadium roof collapsed after a snow storm in 2010 and this year the pool failed to meet earthquake standards.

A spokesman for Ipenz said the investigating committee had found he had only worked on construction over three storeys in Southland and Otago.

It did not rule out Timaru completely but it was most unlikely, the spokesman said.

Timaru District Council's acting chief executive Chris English said the Southern Building Cluster Group, which is made up of senior building officials from councils from Timaru south, was working collaboratively to share information about Major's work.

The Invercargill City Council had written to Major requesting he provide the group with a national list of buildings he provided engineering designs for.

Ipenz has told councils it believes the relevant buildings which may require further investigation, if they were designed by Major, were commercial buildings with long span steel trusses, not individual residential buildings.


The Timaru Herald