Jensen Burke climbs K2

SUCCESS: Christine Burke, formerly of Timaru, climbs her way up Mt Everest.
SUCCESS: Christine Burke, formerly of Timaru, climbs her way up Mt Everest.

Timaru-born mountaneer Christine Jensen Burke has successfully climbed K2, reaching its summit on Saturday night (NZ time).

On her blog she described it as an "agonising day".

"All climbers got stuck behind the route setters for six hours or so total hence the late time for summits. I nearly froze two times and wanted to descend but the slow pace impacted everyone."

With Lakpa Sherpa and Tsering Sherpa, Jensen Burke reached the summit along with four others and was followed by about 25 soon after.

Burke said on her blog that Lakpa had to climb ahead in the night when route setters got stuck and near the summit the second last section was not fixed.

"So after waiting another hour, we roped up so as not to miss our chance and climbed ourselves, and the ropes were fixed later."

The adventure had not been without problems - at camp 2 the climber and her party had withstood rockfalls wind and snow.

Though Burke is the first Australasian woman to conquer K2, six other women also reached the summit on Saturday.

"The total number of women to ever summit is approximatelyabout 20 and I am approximately the 14th," she said.

Burke reached the summit of Mt Everest in May 2011.


K2 in northern Pakistan is the second highest mountain in the world after Mt Everest. It is known as "Savage Mountain". At 8611 metres it is notoriously difficult to climb and for every four summits one person has died. Source: Wikipedia 

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