Gym to stay open for another year

22:57, Jul 27 2014

The Timaru District Council-owned Fitness Studio is falling below estimated budget income but it seems likely to continue operating for another year.

The council purchased the studio in the Southern Trust Events Centre at Aorangi Park in February 2012, four months before CBay opened with its own fitness centre.

There was a public backlash against the studio closing down so the two gym facilities were run as one entity with the same pricing structure.

As membership at the studio declined, the facility was changed to a hire-by-hour gym for nonprofit community groups from January 2013.

An initial budget of $15,000 estimated for the 2013-14 financial year has not been realised. In this financial year it has invoiced $7400.

Council group manager community services Sharon Matson has prepared the report on the studio review for the community development committee meeting tomorrow.

Options considered for its future were closing down the current hire-per-hour facility in favour of attracting a commercial tenant or continuing in its present form for another 12 months and using more marketing tools.

Matson has recommended the facility continue to operate as it is until June 30, 2015, to enable forward strategic planning.


The Timaru Herald