Taste of gold returns to Timaru

20:56, Jul 28 2014

Shane Archbold's gold medal at the Commonwealth Games is the first one to come back to Timaru for 40 years.

Dick Tayler won the hearts of the nation in Christchurch in the 10,000m in 1974.

Tayler celebrated the win in style and so did Archbold, albeit on a bike.

The 1974 champion said it would have been a really special moment for Archbold.

"It is always a thrill winning, especially doing it for your country."

It was also a relief after the hard work. "Shane will be reminded of the moment for the rest of his life."


Most Kiwi sportspeople were humble, Taylor said.

"I never planned to throw my arms in the air, it just happened."

He said he probably got far more coverage than he should have because there had been a muckup with the other camera, so he stayed on screen.

With the 40-year reunion of the Christchurch Games held early this year, Tayler had to search for his medal.

"When I found it I polished it so hard the gold fell off, so now I have a silver one."

Tayler expects Timaru will have a second gold this morning, courtesy of shot putter Tom Walsh. "He's looking very good. Wouldn't that be wonderful?"

The Timaru Herald