Civic trust gets new lease of life

New life will be breathed into the Timaru Civic Trust with a fresh group of people taking on the trust's work.

Chairwoman Rosie Carruthers said she was happy to announce there was an enthusiastic group of younger people willing to take on the work of the trust.

She called a special meeting last week with two agendas in mind.

"We needed to ensure all the i's had been dotted and t's crossed for the upcoming law change to trusts. But we also needed to ensure that people were wanting to continue the efforts of the Civic Trust," she said.

The trust had become complacent since 2010, when it had fully refurbished and tenanted the Landing Service building.

"We needed new people with energy on board and we have a group of 11 who have volunteered."

The group would be looking at taking on a new project, Carruthers said. "First up the rules need to be revamped, then they will look at what new projects they can take on."

The Timaru Civic Trust was formed in 1987 to save the Landing Service building.

They purchased the building from the council for $1, to save it from demolition, Carruthers said.

The energy and passion for a new project was needed and she was looking forward to seeing what the new group would come up with, she said.

Carruthers had been concerned about other community groups like the trust disappearing, such as the Timaru Beautifying Society.

"The Beauts, as they were known, did some amazing work. It would be sad for these community groups to go altogether," she said.

The Timaru Herald