'Twins' have never met

21:10, Jul 29 2014
Brian Hopping
DOPPELGANGER SNAP: Brian Hopping with his newly acquired picture of actor Sir Anthony Hopkins.

A Christchurch man says his resemblance to Sir Anthony Hopkins inspired him to buy a Timaru Herald photograph of the actor.

Retired New Zealand Post worker Brian Hopping said he had received stares from audience members as he left a screening of The World's Fastest Indian, a 2005 film starring Hopkins as New Zealand motorcyclist Burt Munro.

Shooting for the film in Timaru gave Herald chief photographer John Bisset the chance to take the photo of Hopkins on a wharf.

Hopping, who said he was confused with the actor "a lot, more so when I wear a blue shirt, for some reason", bought the photo of Hopkins from a silent auction held as part of the Herald's 150th anniversary exhibition at the Aigantighe Gallery.


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