Glitch no hitch for new traffic lights

20:23, Jul 29 2014

After a software glitch with the new traffic lights at the Otipua Rd-Church St intersection, it has been smooth driving since their introduction on Saturday.

The lights were flashing orange for a short time on Saturday, which the Timaru District Council put down to a computer software malfunction.

Council land transport manager Andrew Dixon said the new lights had been running without a hitch since.

"It would be interesting to get some feedback on how they are going. We have put in place a very short wait time so people don't have to wait."

Dixon said the wait time had been programmed for 30 seconds so people knew they would leave the intersection shortly instead of trying to go through without the signals.

"I believe we have made a good improvement," he said.

He said it would have been preferable to have a roundabout but lack of space meant it was unachievable.

The roundabout installation at the intersection of Barnes St and Wai-iti and Morgans roads is the next Timaru roading project on the council's books.


The Timaru Herald