No insurance claim for upgrade

20:08, Jul 31 2014
garden block, earthquake, seismic risk, timaru hospital
Timaru Hospital's Garden Block

The South Canterbury District Health Board will not be making an insurance claim for its $1 million upgrade and refurbishment to Timaru Hospital's Gardens Block.

A board spokesperson confirmed the project was unlikely to be eligible for a payout because the work includes refurbishment as well as earthquake strengthening.

Board chief executive Nigel Trainor said the project aims to increase the block's earthquake resistance from 21 per cent of the Importance Level Two (IL2) earthquake resistance standard, at its weakest point, to between 75-96 per cent.

This is less than the IL4 standard for buildings considered essential following an earthquake.

Trainor said he expects a firm to be chosen for the job by late September.


The Timaru Herald