Timaru tops Gigatown leaderboard

03:20, Aug 04 2014

Timaru is on top of the Gigatown leaderboard - now it has to work to stay there.

After a temporary drop to third on Friday afternoon, Timaru took the leading position for the first time in the year-long competition on Friday evening.

Dunedin also made significant gains and has moved into second place, jumping over previous leader, Wanaka.

Aoraki Development Business and Tourism chief executive Wendy Smith said people could continue to support Timaru by completing an online quiz or by using the #gigatowntim hashtag.

"We're at the point where we need to show Chorus just how committed we are as a community, be it through everyone signing up online and completing the quiz series or continuing to use #gigatowntim on social media," Wendy Smith said.

"This is an unprecedented opportunity, now is the time for everyone to maintain their support to ensure Timaru becomes a finalist in the last selection round, every single contribution counts."


The competition kicked off in October last year, with Oamaru initially taking a strong lead. Wanaka then moved to the top of the leaderboard and had been dominating the competition this year.

Timaru continued to make gains over the weekend and cracked 3 million points on Sunday.

The gigatown competition is being run by telecommunications company Chorus, which will roll-out 1-gigabit-per-second internet in the winning town.

The first stage of the competition ends in September; then the top five towns will move to the final stage. Winning could position the successful town to become a technology hub in New Zealand.

Towns earn points using hashtags on various social media sites and by participating in mini competitions organised by Chorus. On Friday, Timaru received a 100,000-point boost when Bluestone School came third in the junior section of the gigaschool competition. Points can also be earned by completing the masterclass quiz on the Gigatown website.

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