Stocks of 95-octane back on stream

19:50, Aug 04 2014

The delivery of 95-octane fuel to the region's service stations should be back to normal after a delay last week caused some stations to run out.

Tekapo's only petrol station was the exception yesterday.

Challenge Tekapo's Fraser Gunn said they had run out of 95 late last week.

"We've had nothing over the weekend," he said. "A few people get a little upset, but there's nothing we can do as there's only one petrol station in Tekapo."

Recent bad weather had disrupted the supply chain resulting in the fuel having to be transported from Timaru to Christchurch and other parts of the Central South Island.

It was usually transported by two ships to the South Island, but flooding in Northland in the middle of July disrupted the coastal shipping schedule.


Landslips at Lyttelton Port, which caused a cliff face to collapse on a fuel bulk storage tank early in the year, had also caused a few issues, according to Chevron New Zealand's Jeremy Clarke.

To help combat the delay in the region, Clarke said the company had extra trucks leaving from Bluff.

Clarke said one supply ship had arrived at Timaru's port on Saturday and another was due to arrive on August 14. "It has been under par and there was a delay getting to our sites.

"A supply ship arrived into Timaru on Saturday and it was offloaded, so we should be fully stocked again."

Z Energy spokesman Jonathan Hill said the ships were now back on schedule.

"There has been no shortage - just delays. There has been a bit of a catch-up at some sites."

The Timaru Herald