Road to industrial progress

Geraldine's McKechnie St is to be extended to allow further development of the industrial zone.

The Timaru District Council has agreed to a Notice of Requirement to allow it to extend McKechnie St.

The notice will allow the council to acquire the land it needs to extend the street to connect Kennedy St and Majors Rd.

The Council has progressively acquired most of the land required, council group services district services Ashley Harper said in a report to the Council.

"The northern allotments were acquired as conditions of subdivision consents in the early 1980s.

"The southern allotments were acquired in the same manner, initially in the late 1970s and early 1980s and then more recently."

To acquire the remaining land, the Notice of Requirement is submitted to the council under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

" This is an RMA process that will be publicly notified. Once public submissions have been received and considered, Council or an independent commissioner decides if the Notice of Requirement should be accepted. Once accepted, the land becomes designated for public road purposes under the District Plan.

"Council can then acquire the designated land under the Public Works Act at any time during the period of the designation, with landowners affected by any acquisition being compensated at market rates applicable at the time of acquisition.

Prior to acquisition the designated land is unable to have any permanent structure built upon it."

The proposal would complement Geraldine's local road network, he said, improving access to existing industrial zoned land and allowing further development of allotments.

"This will aid the future development and growth of Geraldine. The unavailability of serviced industrial land in Geraldine has previously been identified as an issue and obstacle to future growth.

The Geraldine Community Board had not supported the proposal.

However Geraldine Cr Kerry Stevens said the concern was around the width of the road, but the overall proposal was supported.

The Timaru Herald