Fascination with roadkill

21:29, Aug 04 2014
susan badcock
IT'S GENETIC: Susan Badcock, daughter of artist John Badcock, at her gallery in Geraldine.

Biking along and seeing dead animals on the road inspired Geraldine artist Susan Badcock.

Badcock opened her gallery in Geraldine this year after spending time in both Dunedin and Christchurch. The latest exhibition at her gallery includes some of her roadkill series.

"I biked past these roadkills and was so inspired. They were such beautiful colours," she said.

Badcock takes black and white photos using traditional methods and then hand-colours them.

"I like to see it as preserving the techniques."

She got into roadkill after she had been photographing rotten pumpkins and eaten apples. "It was a natural progression."


Badcock is also inspired by other photographers.

New Zealand photographer Fiona Pardington and an Australian photographer who also does roadkill, are current inspirations.

As the daughter of artist John Badcock, she has been surrounded by art all her life.

"From a young age I would go painting with Dad. That's what I did with him," she said.

Dadcock said he did not put any pressure on her, or her sister Helen, who is also an artist. "He is just really supportive. We all work in different mediums and are inspired by each other."

Helen does pastel drawing, print making and some oil paintings. "But she has slowed down a little recently because of being busy with a family," she said.

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