Scare tactics a reliable way to raise funds

23:30, Aug 04 2014
waimate horror house
Visitors experience the Waimate Hospital "horror house".
waimate horror house
Waimate Hospital "horror house" nursing staff and patients seem happy to greet visitors.
waimate horror house
This scary clown also gets a few laughs.
waimate horror house
This delightful pair are happy to pose for a friendly snapshot.
waimate horror house
Bandages are an important part of the Waimate Hospital "horror house" costume.
waimate horror house
The "horror house" provides spiritual support for those hoping to escape the Waimate Hospital.
waimate horror house
Some of the Waimate Hospital "horror house's" hospital's treatment methods are shocking.

Farmer Rory Foley is quickly turning Waimate into the horror capital of New Zealand.

Earlier this year Foley ran a horror maize maze on his farm, raising $12,000 for the South Canterbury Cancer Society.

In the weekend he went indoors, turning the former Waimate Hospital into a "horror house", where people paid $15 to be scared witless.

About 20 actors dressed up in the creepy confines of the former hospital's rooms.

At times it seemed more like an asylum as visitors moved through the old building, being unnerved by the antics. Some were startled, others panicked and a few were terrified, but it was all for a good cause.

The Centennial School is $5000 better off as it raises funds for a new playground.

The horror house is set to run again on August 9 and 23. Tickets are available from the maize maze Facebook page.


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