Timaru teen thrilled to give chills

01:24, Aug 08 2014
waimate horror house
Visitors experience the Waimate Hospital "horror house".
waimate horror house
Waimate Hospital "horror house" nursing staff and patients seem happy to greet visitors.
waimate horror house
This scary clown also gets a few laughs.
waimate horror house
This delightful pair are happy to pose for a friendly snapshot.
waimate horror house
Bandages are an important part of the Waimate Hospital "horror house" costume.
waimate horror house
The "horror house" provides spiritual support for those hoping to escape the Waimate Hospital.
waimate horror house
Some of the Waimate Hospital "horror house's" hospital's treatment methods are shocking.

Making people run away from her is just part of the job for young Timaru woman, Kayla Morton.

The 18-year-old is one of the actors bringing the scare factor in the Asylum Horror House, master-minded by Waimate man Rory Foley.

She first got involved in the creepy career back in 2012 when she went to the original horror maize maze.

kayla morton
SCREAM TEEN: Kayla Morton.

After she came out of the maze, she got the chance to meet some of the actors and voiced her interest. The next weekend, she was scaring too.

Since then, Kayla has played many roles, from a decrepit old lady to a china doll with a broken face, or just generally "horrored up" covered in blood.

However, her role as a creepy twin in the Asylum is her favourite.


Her favourite aspect is getting dressed up and decked out in the makeup. It takes about 20 minutes for the makeup artists to get her ready each night.

Taking off all the makeup takes more effort.

While the liquid latex can be peeled off, "just rip it like a band aid," it takes 45 minutes to get all the gel and teasing out of her hair.

The Asylum involves around 20 actors dressed up as creepy characters running around the former Waimate Hospital.

Kayla said the actors are able to work together to get the best scares, rehearsing before hand and talking afterwards about what went well and what didn't.

Over 300 people have walked through the Asylum, but some don't make it to the end, making use of the safe word purple.

"I've had five purples and get people running away from me."

There are two dates left for the Asylum, which is raising funds for Centennial School.

Tickets for August 9 or 23 are $15 and available from the maize maze Facebook.

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