Cold night to come in South Canterbury

20:58, Aug 07 2014

South Canterbury is only getting a smattering of the winter weather the rest of the country is experiencing, but heat up your hot water bottles tonight.

While Timaru residents rising now are waking to blue sky and a sunrise, those up in the early hours of the morning experienced some wintry weather.

Hilton Highway Caltex worker Danielle Hodges said it had hailed from about 3.30am to 3.45am.

Fairlie man Darryl Stead said it was much of the same at the inland town.

''It's pretty good at the moment, actually. Blue skies over Mt Dobson and a light breeze,'' he said.

Studholme, on the outskirts of Waimate, resident Rory Foley said he could see a light dusting of snow on Mt Studholme right down to the foothills.


''There is a southerly out there, so it's bitterly cold,'' he said.

MetService meteorologist John Law said it looked like there would be snow off the coast and out to sea; however, South Canterbury was in for a cool clear day.

''Watch out for a bit more of a push back in from the east. Should be cold and clear,'' he said.

While temperatures would rise to 10 degrees Celcius today, the region should expect below freezing temperatures overnight.

''You are looking at -3C. A cold night to come but a decent day again tomorrow,'' he said. 

The Timaru Herald