Driver flees Canada St crash

23:55, Aug 07 2014

A speeding driver struck a power pole on Canada St this morning, then fled the scene.

Timaru Constable Sue McMillan said the car turned right from Maple Crescent at high speed and knocked over a power pole about 5am. The driver then abandoned the vehicle.

''We have a suspect in mind, but he is yet to be remanded and inquiries are continuing,'' McMillan said.

Alpine Energy chief executive Andrew Tombes said the power line was taken out, but the power pole was still standing.

''The line was knocked out, but luckily it was a standing knock so there was no power loss in the area,'' he said.

Tombs said it was being replaced today using a live procedure that was ''very, very safe'' but ensured customers were not affected.

''There will be no loss of power to anyone. A couple of isolated services such as street lights would be turned off during the proceedure.''

The cost of the replacement would not be cheap, he said.

''You might get a little bit of change from $3000.''


The Timaru Herald