Tay St residents plan reunion

18:56, Aug 08 2014
tay street
GOOD TIMES: Sisters Wendy Eaton, left, and Josie Pellowe (both nee Howard) play in Tay St where they grew up. The Howard and Hessell families will next month hold a reunion for those who lived in the street from 1950 to 1986.

People who grew up in Timaru's Tay St from 1950 to 1986 are invited to attend a neighbourhood reunion next month.

The reunion is being driven by the Hessell and Howard families, who grew up in the state housing cul-de-sac, located off Bouverie St.

Josie Pellowe (nee Howard) advertised the reunion in The Timaru Herald this week.

Pellowe's older sister, Sue Judkins, said Charlie and Margaret Hessell, and Bob and Phil Howard, moved into 20 and 15 Tay St respectively in 1949.

She said both couples were living in the old camping ground in Ashbury when they were assigned their state homes.

"I was the first baby born in Tay St," Judkins said.


Judkins said seven children were raised in the two-bedroom, one-sunroom home and her mother, Phil, lived there until 1968.

"We thought it was a big house ... as it was two-storey."

The Howards and the Hessells held their first street reunion 30 years ago.

The idea of holding a second reunion arose recently after Charlie Hessell's funeral.

"We were sitting around after the funeral having a beer and thought we should try and organise something. We only get together now when someone dies," Pellowe said.

She said with only 14 properties, Tay St was "full of people and families who looked out for each other".

"Everybody played outside, not like today where kids are stuck inside playing on the computers."

She recalled many happy days playing behind their house in paddocks in Clyde Carr Crescent.

"We use to go down to the paddocks and pinch the apples off the trees, as you did," she laughed.

Pellowe said anyone who lived in the street from 1950 to 1986 was welcome to attend the reunion.

"A lot of people came into the street during those years, so they are also welcome to come along. It won't be a huge event, just a few old friends sitting around, catching up," she said.

It will be held on September 21 at 2pm at the Celtic clubrooms. Contact Josie on 688 3732 for further information.

The Timaru Herald