Injured woman finds strength to see police

20:08, Aug 11 2014

A Timaru woman who was allegedly punched and stabbed in the face with a bottle early on Sunday morning has laid a complaint against her partner.

Sergeant Geoff McCrostie said the woman had been accompanied to hospital by her partner and had felt threatened.

Therefore she did not speak up when initially questioned by police, he said.

"It is heartening she felt strong enough to come in and make a complaint," he said.

The woman came into the Timaru Police Station on Sunday with a female friend for support. The partner was arrested for intent to injure.

McCrostie said it was often the case that victims of domestic violence either did not report crimes against them or retracted their comments.

Women who were in relationships where they were treated badly should know it was okay to say no, he said.

The man appeared before the Timaru District Court yesterday and was remanded until Thursday.


The Timaru Herald