Elective surgeries remain steady

20:09, Aug 13 2014

The number of elective surgical procedures provided by the SCDHB has stayed constant in comparison with the national upward trend.

Acting South Canterbury District Health Board (SCDHB) chief executive Christine Nolan said it provided 106 elective surgical procedures above its required target volume, but the past five years showed the numbers have been steady.

The target volume remained the same and the numbers for elective procedures were 2009/10, 2877; 2010/11, 2971; 2010/11, 3039; 2011/12, 3064; 2012/13, 3001.

"The number of base elective procedures (2635) provided did not increase in the 2013/14 year," Nolan said.

Elective surgeries are procedures that are scheduled in advance because they do not involve a medical emergency.

Recent Ministry of Health data showed more than 162,000 hips, knees and other elective operations were performed last financial year - 44,000 more than six years earlier.

Health Minister Tony Ryall said the significant increase meant 170 more people got the operations they needed every day and were getting them faster, compared with 2008.

"The number of patients receiving hips, knees and other elective surgery has lifted an unprecedented 37 per cent," Ryall said.

Nationally, over the past six years, orthopaedic operations have increased by 30 per cent.


The Timaru Herald