Dredging boat to clean up port

20:03, Aug 14 2014
Dredger ship
MUDDY WATERS: The Pelican is dredging at the Port of Timaru at present. Project manager Trevor Shields and Captain Kevin Martell, formerly of Timaru, on board.

For the past two and a half weeks there has been an additional resident at the port of Timaru, a dredging ship.

The Pelican is owned by Van Oord Australia and comes to Timaru twice a year for up to three weeks a time.

The Pelican project manager Trevor Shields is based in Brisbane, but like the ship he travels across the Tasman to the various places it is docked on "campaigns".

While here the dredging operations are going for 24 hours a day, except when maintenance needs to happen, or if another ship is coming into its pathway, Shields said.

"We have a crew of four people working at any given time. We have sleeping quarters on the ship while it is sailing between ports, but when we are docked we all stay on land," he said.


The Timaru Herald