South Canterbury homes especially deadly

19:13, Aug 14 2014

The most dangerous place to be in South Canterbury is in the home, according to ACC statistics.

Community profiles for injury statistics released yesterday show how people in the region have been injured, where and what caused the injuries and the cost.

South Canterbury's profile showed most people injured themselves in the home, most commonly injured due to loss of balance.

The resulting injuries within the home cost the taxpayer almost $8 million. The second most common place to get an injury was at a sport or recreational facility.

Motor vehicle accidents were responsible for 13,051 days of lost productivity in South Canterbury.

However, loss of control of a vehicle was only Timaru's fifth most likely activity to result in an ACC claim.

South Cantabrians have a higher likelihood of suffering from a fatal injury at work than those in the rest of New Zealand.

Those living in Timaru district are also more likely to die due to a fall than the rest of New Zealand. Both Waimate and Mackenzie had farms ranked as the third most likely place to have an accident.


The Timaru Herald