Has anyone seen Satan?

WHERE THE DEVIL IS HE?: Lauren Thompson has been walking up and down Timaru’s streets calling for her missing cat Satan, inset. 
WHERE THE DEVIL IS HE?: Lauren Thompson has been walking up and down Timaru’s streets calling for her missing cat Satan, inset. 

Lauren Thompson has been calling out to the heavens for Satan to come home.

Her black cat went missing last week and she has been pounding the streets of Timaru trying to find him.

Although she got odd looks from people, especially living close to the Kensington Unit, she said she did not care, she just wanted her cat back.

Satan was named by Thompson's daughter before she saw the cat. Knowing her daughter, the name came as no surprise, Thompson said. However, Satan lived up to his name. "When you see him, he could not have any other name."

Before Satan was neutered he was "a little bit of a psycho cat" and he did not really like people. It was the first time he had gone missing from home since Thompson moved to Edward St three months ago. "Hopefully he hasn't tried to go back to Auckland."

She had placed advertisements in the paper and on Facebook and had "walked for miles" to find Satan.

Thompson also has another cat - called Assassin.


Inspiration comes from far and wide when picking names for pets.

Is your dog a Shaggy or simply a Steven? Do you have a Meow-zedong or a Catmandu?

In light of one Timaru woman's search for her cat, Satan, The Timaru Herald asked readers to send in their quirkiest pet names and the stories behind where the names came from.

Annette Lange has a menagerie at her house, including cats Louis de Pointe du Lac - named after the character in Interview With the Vampire -, Aslan - named after the lion in the Lion Man TV show and Prudence, from the song Dear Prudence. There is also a frog called Nigel No Friends, after he ate his sibling, Jaws and Jasper the axolotls, Dewy the hen and a chicken called Myrtle - because she reminded Lange of her late nana.

Movies and television shows are a great source of inspiration when it comes to picking names.

Facebook user Becca Black called her dogs Scully and Mulder, after the characters in The X-Files and she also has a black cat called Morpheus, after a character in the Matrix trilogy.

Olivia Mayes named a cat found at a pig freezing works Peppa, after Peppa Pig.

Carol Spring named her male feline Obi, short for Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Star Wars films.

Megan Valentine said she loved human animal names.

"We have a cat called Kevin Valentine. When we adopted him from the SPCA his name was Owen. We couldn't keep that name because we know a few Owens and it would be a little weird, so we had to think of something just as human. Took a few hours before we came to Kevin. It really suits him, I think."

Erica Hamilton also has human names for her cats.

"It's funny, other people's strong views on what you should or shouldn't call your cat. We have Howard and Dave, and people have become slightly angry when I've told them because 'cats shouldn't have people names'. Then we had a cat when we were kids called Bundle Joy Cosy Sweet and people didn't like that either."

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