Domestic violence lands man in jail

Poor compliance with community-based sentences contributed to a Timaru man being sent to prison yesterday.

Fisheries worker Hamish Aachen Low, 30, appeared in the Timaru District Court on two charges of contravening a protection order, one of assault, and one of breaching community work.

The offences happened between May 18 and May 21. The assault charge involved Low grabbing the victim, with whom he was in a relationship, by the shoulders in the course of an argument and then letting her go.

Judge Joanna Maze said the assault carried greater emotional harm than physical harm.

Not leaving the house he and the victim shared, when told to, and failing to meet his probation officer covered the other charges.

Defence counsel argued that the level of offending was low, and Low's employers spoke highly of him.

The judge said Low had a high risk of reoffending and poor compliance with community-based sentences.

"You are very hard-working and spoken of highly by your employers. But the problem is not your work life. The problem is your domestic affairs."

The judge treated the breach of protection order as an aggravating factor to the assault and sentenced him to six months' imprisonment with standard and special conditions imposed.

"I am taking the cumulative harm done to the victim into consideration," she said.

The Timaru Herald