Fishing guides back fee hike for foreign anglers

19:28, Aug 19 2014

South Canterbury fishing guides are unfazed by news of a licence fee hike for foreign anglers.

Fish & Game announced yesterday that the annual fishing licence would increase in price on October 1 from $120 to $160 for foreign recreational fishers, while remaining the same for New Zealand citizens and residents.

Foreign anglers would also be prohibited from buying family licences and winter licences.

Fish & Game chief executive Bryce Johnson said the organisation would probably use the extra funds for research into the condition of back-country rivers, which were popular with foreign anglers.

"We need to match the work to the need," Johnson said.

Timaru fishing guide Paul Mclauchlan said the change was "a fair thing".


New Zealand had some of the best, cheapest fishing in the world, and it was fair that foreign anglers - who did not otherwise bear the cost of fisheries management - paid a greater share through licences.

In Twizel, fly fishing guide Will Spry said the move matched extra charges for foreign anglers in North America.

He said the change was unlikely to affect his foreign clients' choices.

However, Spry wanted the extra charges directed towards water-quality management, which he believed was "always deteriorating" in his area.

The Timaru Herald