Council sees the light on clock tower problem

19:55, Aug 20 2014
timaru clock tower light of remembrance
STILL OUT: The Light of Remembrance on top of the Timaru District Council clock tower has been out since July. However, a new system is planned to make changing the bulb easier and safer.

Changing the Light of Remembrance has turned into a tricky job, says the Timaru District Council.

Council group manager of corporate services, Tina Rogers, said engineers are building a new system which will enable the lamp-post to be lowered without the need for a crane and closing the road.

She said it had become complex because of the height and weight of the pole.

"We're conscious to get it down as soon as possible . . . health and safety is a vital component."

The light on top of the clocktower on the council building first went out in early July and was replaced using a crane, which also meant a section of George St had to be closed temporarily.

The light, which is meant to shine at all times in remembrance of those who have died in wars, went out again days after the bulb was changed, and has yet to be replaced.


Rogers said the council appreciated the delay was not what the public wanted.

The new system had yet to be built. Rogers said the council aimed to start at the end of next week.

It will allow the pole to be safely lowered into the clock tower without crashing into the sides.

Rogers said it would provide a good long-term solution.

The Timaru Herald