Patiti Point erosion causes danger

21:02, Aug 20 2014
Patiti Point
KEEP AWAY: Timaru’s Dave Taylor carefully checks out the cliff erosion at Patiti Point with his dog, Sacha.

The Timaru District Council did not know the extent of cliff erosion at Patiti Point until it was brought to its attention yesterday by The Timaru Herald.

A regular surfer at Patiti Point contacted the Herald with concerns over the rapid erosion of the cliff edge and the danger it posed for visitors to the area.

"A massive piece of cliff the size of a car bonnet dropped away in front of us recently. We thought it was an earthquake and ran to the middle of the carpark."

Council parks and recreation manager Bill Steans visited the site and acknowledged there had been considerable damage.

He urged people to contact the council directly.

"The sooner we know, the sooner we can do something about it. People need to contact us directly - we don't want to pick up the paper and read about it."


He said the council would now look at re-trenching the bottom of the cliff.

"It has moved a lot in the last year or so since I was out there so it's definitely at a stage now where we need to look at it."

Net fencing will be erected on the cliff edge and the wheel stops will be moved back from the edge until a more permanent solution can be arranged.

South End residents Rodger and Barbara Baird, who were walking in the carpark area yesterday, commented on the condition of the cliff. "It doesn't look safe at all," Rodger said.

"It's been three months since we were here last and it's changed a lot in those three months," his wife said.

"If kids are playing in the area it could be quite dangerous."

Timaru's Dave Taylor and his dog, Sacha, are regular visitors to the Patiti Point area.

He was worried Sacha would take a tumble over the edge. "We keep an eye on her."

Taylor said the council needed to put signs up warning people not to go near the edge.

Steans said warning signs could be considered for the area.

The Timaru Herald