Irrigation pond gets finishing touches

23:00, Aug 20 2014
timaru morven glenavy ikawai irrigation scheme hornells road pond
BUSY TIME: Work is well underway on the Morven Glenavy Ikawai irrigation scheme's Hornells Road Pond. The work is being carried out by the Rooney Group using locally made geotextile liner from the Saltwater Creek-based Ecotech plant.

The Morven Glenavy Ikawai Irrigation scheme is nearing completion with the finishing touches being put on the Hornells Road Pond.

The pond's footprint is 3.4 hectares and it will have storage capacity of 50,000 cubic metres.

MGI chairman Robin Murphy said as well as irrigation, the pond would play a crucial part in supporting the environmental flow of the Waihao River.

It would ensure that 300 litres a second would be discharged into the river during the irrigation season, increasing to 700 litres a second in the off-season for irrigation until the river can sustain itself.

Murphy said it was important to the community that the river remained in good condition.

The MGI scheme supplies water to about 25,000ha of land.

The work had been contracted to Rooney Earthmoving and 30,000 square metres of white geotextile liner being used is produced by Timaru company Ecotech. Ecotech is owned by the Rooney Group, with its factory based at Salt Water Creek.

The liner is made from recycled PET plastic drink bottles.

The geotextile is a needle punched, 500 grams per square metre weight product, designed to act as a cushioning layer between the high density polyethylene sheet and the prepared structural gravel of the pond.


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