Intersection signs create hazard - residents

22:33, Aug 21 2014
STRANGE SIGNS: Graham Ellery sees no sense in the York St and Bidwill St intersection's four stop signs.

Residents of Timaru's Bidwill St say the four stop signs at their street's intersection with York St are redundant and potentially dangerous.

Freezing worker Graham Ellery said he did not know "what nerd from what bureaucratic ivory tower" had made the decision to place the signs in the quiet neighbourhood.

"You could grow mushrooms on the white line around this area."

Warwick Hewitt, whose house overlooks the signs, said he believed the second set was installed after crashes on the intersection, but they created a different kind of danger for motorists and pedestrians.

Some motorists intending to travel straight ahead through the intersection gave way to turning traffic.

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"More than anything, people just go straight through," Hewitt said, as two vehicles ignored the stop signs at that exact moment.

Ellery said he had previously seen a police car "waiting to pounce" on confused motorists. He had not seen police targeting the site since he told an officer to "do some real policing and stop revenue-collecting".

Timaru District Council district services group manager Ashley Harper said the four signs had been at the intersection for years. He saw no compelling reason to change the signs given the costs involved.


The Timaru Herald