Passion paves way to prize

22:25, Aug 21 2014
jessica adams
SINGING SUCCESS: Mackenzie College student Jessica Adams, who was won the national category of the peace song section in this year's Play It Strange songwriting competition.

A passion for peace and music has won Jessica Adams the trip of a lifetime.

The 18-year-old Mackenzie College student won the national category of the peace song section in the Play It Strange songwriting competition.

As part of her prize she gets to have her winning song professionally recorded, in Chirstchurch, and put on the annual Play It Strange CD.

She also wins a seven-week trip to Japan to the Academy for International Community in Hiroshima. The trip is planned for October and November, which unfortunately for Jessica is around NCEA exam time.

She is now awaiting confirmation to use her mock exam results in place of the exams so she is eligible to go on the trip.

Jessica's singing teacher Tim McLeod suggested she enter the competition, which involves writing and recording an original song.


At first, Jessica said she only entered to get NCEA credits and thought while it would be amazing to win, it seemed like a long-shot.

"I'm extremely excited about the opportunities that will come from this competition. I talked about the trip with a past winner who now lives in the UK, so it has taken her further."

Her song called Under the Same Sky was inspired by world peace.

"I feel quite strongly about world peace. I've always hated the violence. Come across a lot of wars in the world, all in the media, always there, I really don't like it."

She said she had always been musical and started writing music when she was 15.

Although she did not know exactly what she wanted to do when she left school this year, she knew music had to be involved.

She said she had been fortunate to have the support of her "amazing" singing teacher Tim McLeod and school music teacher Lisa Forrester, who had put in "so much time and energy" into growing the Mackenzie College music department.

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