New girls in the pink centre-stage

21:13, Aug 24 2014
The Pink Ladies
TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: The Pink Ladies in the South Canterbury Drama League’s production of Grease, from left, Shawn Love as Rizzo, Stevie Lee Gallagher as Marty, Natasha Thyne as Frenchy and Bry Rooney as Jan. It will be the actresses first time performing lead roles in a drama league production.

It's a case of new girls on the block in the South Canterbury Drama League's production of Grease.

New talent will be stepping into the spotlight in the upcoming production including the "hippest gang" of four at Rydell High School, The Pink Ladies.

While all have a variety of performing experience behind them, this will be the first time in lead roles on such a big stage for Shawn Love playing Rizzo, Natasha Thyne as Frenchy, Stevie Lee Gallagher playing Marty and Bry Rooney as Jan.

Having formed a tight group on and off stage, the quartet are charged with bringing the iconic Pink Ladies characters to life and are embracing the opportunity to bring a little "over-the-top" girlish charm to the otherwise testosterone fuelled world of the boys "would-be rebel" gang, the T Birds.

"It's been really fun meeting other people interested in the same things I am," Love said.

The girls have energy to burn and have taken their new personas to a new level.


Although for Love, it is art imitating life. "My mum told me it wouldn't be acting if I got Rizzo."

Gallagher, who plays Marty, said she likes her character's "sassy-ness".

"She's a really fun character to play, I can be sweet and sour."

For all the girls the 1950s is a time period they enjoy - the rock 'n' roll music, the costumes, the hair and the props.

Said Thyne: "The set is really cool too and even has a 50s diner and it's so much fun to play these girls, they're adorable, I love Frenchy, especially her pink hair."

All agreed it's the songs that are the essence of the show ranging from the sexy, You're The One That I Want, the wonderfully sarcastic Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee to the vulnerable There are Worse Things I Could Do, and romantic Hopelessly Devoted To You and Freddy My Love.

The show's season begins on September 12.

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