Call for more security on junction boxes

17:00, Aug 24 2014
Stuart Spurr
POTENTIAL WEAPON: Stuart Spurr thinks telephone junction boxes need to be stronger after someone kicked the cover off this one and threw it through his front window.

A Timaru man is worried unsecured telephone junction boxes could be used to cause more damage.

Stuart Spurr's window was broken last week by someone throwing his box cover through it. He said although the boxes have a sturdy lock, the flimsy nature of the container means they are easily detached.

"I walk my dog frequently around the streets of Timaru and often see them kicked off or vandalised . . . they're so flimsy a child could kick the box off."

Spurr's worry now is if one was used to break his window it could happen again to someone else, even being used to cause harm.

"It's a greater picture than just our window. When you pick it up it's quite a solid thing, it becomes more of a weapon."

Spurr said he was "all for" ultra-fast broadband, which the cables enclosed in the boxes are for, but felt for a multimillion-dollar project the security needed to be better.

Although Spurr acknowledged the boxes could not be made 100 per cent vandal-proof, Chorus should be addressing the security of the boxes, protecting its own cabling.


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