Tay St's oak trees could be gone in 60 days

21:20, Sep 02 2014
Ray Ellen, Harley Hedges and Miya Coulston, 3.
PROBLEM OAKS: Taking a last look at the soon to be removed trees on Tay St are residents Ray Ellen, Harley Hedges and Miya Coulston, 3.

Tay St's tall oak trees could be gone in two months after residents petitioned the council about the problems they caused.

A council district services committee meeting voted yesterday to have the trees removed and replaced with smaller ones after residents complained about untrimmed trees littering their gardens with leaves, undermining footpaths and cracking garden walls.

Timaru District Council parks and recreation manager Bill Steans said the trees could be removed within "a couple of months" after a decision councillor Dave Jack described as "a no-brainer".

Residents were pleased by news of the trees' imminent felling. "That'd be cracker," said Ray Ellen, whose wife Sheree initiated a petition requesting the trees be topped.

"It's got into the stormwater [drains] and everything."

Fellow Tay St resident Samantha McAleer thought it "would be good" for the council to fell the trees "so long as they clean it up before next winter".


McAleer said "she just gave up" raking oak leaves from her garden.

"You'd just clean up and then they'd be back again."

Harley Hedges agreed the trees had caused problems, but their removal was not his first preference. "I want to see them topped," Hedges said, "but it's the next best thing.

"They've been here a long time and they make it look nice in summer."

Lenette Bates said although she liked the trees, the council had been "very pro-active" and thought new trees "would be wonderful".

The Timaru Herald