Scotty feels the plate fits him

Last updated 00:00 01/01/2009
JOHN BISSET/Timaru Herald
NO TREKKY: Jim Scott is often mistaken for a Star Trek fan, but rather his personalised plate reflects his choice of vehicle, a BMW, and his surname.

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If there is one thing Jim Scott is not, it's a "trekky".

But many seeing his personalised plate have jumped to the conclusion he is a fan of Captain Kirk, Dr Spock et al.

The reason behind his plate is simple -- BMEUPP -- just fits him, he will tell you.

He bought the plate four years ago when he still owned a Mazda. Jim's plan was always to buy a BMW so he knew he wanted his plate to "fit" his future car, but more importantly it had to "fit" him.

Initially he tried the combination BMEUP, but decided the additional "P" looked better and produced the same message.

Of course having the surname Scott gave the plate double significance, meaning if he changes vehicles the plate will still be appropriate.

The only down side of a personal plate is the loss of anonymity.

"Which car do you look at, the one with an A B numberplate or a personalised one?," he said, adding colleagues would often mention they knew where he had been simply because they had seen the car with its distinctive plate.

His only regret was he hadn't added the word Scott to the plate surround, an option which was not available when he purchased his plate.


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- The Timaru Herald

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