Boy racers big problem for business

13:58, Apr 14 2009
SEETHING MAD: Seedlands general manager Dave Howell is angery over the damage an unidentified boy racer did on Saturday to the company's newly sealed yard.

Washdyke businesses are fed up with boy racers who have drifted to the industrial area for their weekend antics.

Seedlands, on Elginshire St, had just completed $400,000 worth of tar sealing at its new premises last Wednesday only for boy racers to rip it up on Saturday morning.

General manager Dave Howell said a security fence was to be installed this week but the burnout brigade got there first.

"I am completely ropeable. People are losing their jobs and we are expanding and hiring people and then someone comes along and does this. It's a real kick in the teeth," he said.

"My son has told me this is where all the boy racers come now ... every Friday or Saturday night they are here. Some Mondays, Elginshire St looks like a race track."

The new seal needed three or four months to settle but the car tyre marks would need to be resealed, he said.


Scarlett Hydraulics office manager Debbie Woodward was at work on Saturday morning when she and other staff noticed a car doing burn-outs next door at Seedlands.

"It happened just before lunch and we witnessed it all, just one car doing all the damage," she said. "It does create a danger to people because they could very easily lose control of the car."

The police were called but the offender was not caught.

Timaru Police said inquiries were continuing. Anyone with information was asked to contact Constable Rory Chapman on (03) 687 9808.

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