'Mantyhose' fad unlikely to hook Timaru blokes

16:00, Oct 09 2009

Men's clothing stores in Timaru are not expecting to stock tights for men any time soon, despite the trend taking off overseas.

Last month London's Selfridges began supplying a line of stockings in black, beige and charcoal, dubbed "mantyhose", exclusively for men.

Timaru stores spoken to yesterday were confident the fashion trend would not develop a wide Timaru following any time soon.

Mac Shaw saleswoman Julie Cloake said she was unaware a range of fashion tights was being marketed to men overseas.

"I can't see it quite taking off here in Timaru. I can understand you wearing them for warmth, but I can't see them being worn as a fashion accessory."

It was a view backed up by Cameron's Menswear and Willmott Workwear.


Cameron's Menswear manager Warren Park said he kept an eye on fashion ideas online, but had not seen the stockings at all. Customers had not created a demand for them either.

"We haven't had anyone asking at all."

However, similar products – thermals and longjohns – were routinely sold at the shop.

"We supply longjohns for function rather than fashion," Mr Park said.

The Timaru Herald