There's no rust on these motorcycle nuts

Rusty nuts were nowhere to be seen on 17 motorcycles that travelled 10,000 kilometres around the country in just 10 days.

The special event took two years of planning by the Rusty Nuts Motorcycle Club before it was launched last week. The club chose the year 2010 because "all the 10s lined up".

Seventeen riders completed the challenge in Timaru yesterday. They arrived on Monday night after riding around the North Island, travelling 1000km each day.

Using Timaru as their base, riders zipped around the South Island, finishing with a trip to Invercargill and back.

Event co-ordinator Lee Hurley said 18 people started, but one Auckland rider had a minor accident on Wednesday which left his bike badly damaged.

The event was a one-off, Mr Hurley said.

"This one was just my sick sense of humour. I thought we'd advertise and see if people were silly enough to do it and obviously 18 people were."

One rider, Kiwi Paul Krans, came all the way from Central Asia's Kyrgyzstan, where he lives and works, just for the event.

He turned the trip into a family visit as well, but said the event was an opportunity to ride his motorcycle long distance without bumping into livestock.

He first learned to ride a motorcycle when he was seven. Now he's been riding for 43 years and has tried out the roads in Norway, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Australia.

New Zealand roads are good but the speed limit is far too slow, he says. "It sometimes gets mundane on straight roads."

There was also one woman, one man from Timaru, and an Australia-based Kiwi in the event. The other riders were from around New Zealand.

Mr Hurley said Timaru was used as a base because it was central. Each day riders were given a specific route to follow, and had to find a mystery man placed somewhere on the circuit.

"When [the riders] turned up, very few of these people knew each other – but they'll never forget each other.

"They've become very good friends."

The Timaru Herald