Imagination takes flight

20:34, Sep 12 2011
Trudy Mulligan
STEPS TO SUCCESS: Trudy Mulligan's exhibition 100 Steps is now showing at Aigantighe Art Gallery.

Geraldine artist Trudy Mulligan can finally see her newest exhibition in a different light.

Her digital artwork, titled 100 Steps, was the "entree" to her project Flight and Disability, which she has been working on for two years and plans to launch soon.

She created the work before she moved to Christchurch in September last year, but the prints will be displayed for the first time at Aigantighe Art Gallery until October 16.

Her Flight and Disability project aimed to show different aspects of disabilities and challenge people's perceptions, such as the language around wheelchair users, she said.

"Some people say someone is `wheelchair-bound' but to me a wheelchair is actually something that gives me flight, so it's more a positive thing than negative. Otherwise where would I be, sitting in bed? A wheelchair gives me access to the world and all that it offers."

Ms Mulligan, who has a neurological condition, now splits her time between Geraldine and Christchurch, where she works for the New Zealand Spinal Trust as a graphic designer.

Her work on 100 Steps started in her Geraldine studio with a photograph of a white butterfly wing – part of a sculpture that will feature in Flight and Disability.

"I didn't set out to do 100. I set out to start. Then I would see an opportunity to create something other and suddenly I was immersed, almost hypnotised, by the process. I tried to stop at 50, then at 75 but then it seemed that 100 would be the point where I would make myself stop," she said.


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