Church 'treasures' to live on

19:10, Mar 06 2012
Colin Walker
SAVED BY THE BELL: Trinity Presbyterian Church treasurer Colin Walker, left, and George Woodley look over the bell that was removed during the church demolition.

At least two items from Temuka's demolished Trinity Presbyterian Church have been saved.

The 112-year-old church was bulldozed on Monday after it was damaged in the September 2010 earthquake.

The tower bell and a stained glass window have been retrieved and will probably be installed in the new church building.

Everything else, including the woodwork and bricks, will be taken away by contractors.

Trinity Presbyterian Church deputy chairwoman Rosalie Walker said she hoped there would be a place in the new church for the tower bell and stained glass window.

"Most of the wood that's left has had a fair attack by borer; it hasn't been kept."


She said the bricks would also be taken away. "When it comes down to it, the pile of rubble there is 112 years old."

A new building is in the planning stages.

Mrs Walker said the congregation is talking about what they would like to see in place of the demolished church.

Treasurer Colin Walker said both the bell and window were being kept in storage for the time being.

The parish was forced into demolishing the church as costs to repair it were prohibitive and insurance cover was enough to meet only demolition costs.

Services have been held in the parish hall next to the church, on the corner of Hally Tce and Wilmshurst Rd, after engineers declared the church unsafe.

Subsidence was noted on the north side of the church, material had fallen from the roof and cracking appeared around the ceiling.

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