It's time to get serious about health

Last updated 05:00 15/03/2012
William Bisset

GETTING SERIOUS: Video blogger William Bisset gets measured up by fitness professionals.

william bisset joins gym standard
HERE TO HELP: The gym promised to design a tailored programme.

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I am super-excited this week, for several reasons. Let me tell you why.

First, Peta Mathias is in Timaru next week and we are meeting. She will be giving me some much-needed advice on healthy cooking.

Week 6

Peta has been presenting her food and travel television shows, writing food books and hosting gastronomic tours for many years.

She will entertain Timaruvians on March 20, telling stories and helping to iron out the agonising problems in people's lives.

It will be an ideal opportunity for me grab her while in town and capture some pearls of wisdom both in and out of the kitchen. The video interview will be online at on March 22.

Second, I have joined a women's gym. It is probably best that you watch that online. It involves a wig, dancing poles and a touch of naughtiness. How exciting!

Third, I have joined another gym and my official programme starts this week. On its scales, I weigh exactly 124 kilograms. You can watch my assessment with Performance Training online.

At first, I was a little nervous, but the gym was really excited about my journey and keen to support me as much as possible, which I found very reassuring.

I raised a few concerns relating to past health issues, but the gym promised to design a programme that fits in with me individually, including my busy schedule.

From the assessment, it takes a few days to design a programme tailored for me.

Time to get serious.

When I started my journey, all I knew is that I wanted to be healthy and lose some weight, but I wasn't too sure how.

Being fit and healthy is an important foundation stone for me to build a "better life", where I can realise and achieve my maximum potential to set goals and accomplish whatever I want to.

My journey didn't start off immediately with a diet or health plan. Part of my journey is to develop one.

Although I'm a few weeks behind, I'm now ready to get serious. For example, every morning this week, I got up early and endured about 15 minutes on the exercycle – on level 1. Yes, I'm very unfit.

In addition, I have been on a few walks. I did plan to walk the 10 kilometres of the Hadlow to Harbour in Timaru on Sunday, but gravity challenged me.

I suspect that's because I was attempting to defy gravity the night before.

Until now, I've been reliant on willpower and fear of public humiliation. The biggest challenge I have faced is deciding what to eat when I'm ready to eat.

I'm only making my choices when my poor, neglected stomach is screaming for food, which is dangerous, so I'm still working on that one, but I am improving.

I also have kitchen issues, but that's a long story.

Next week: I start my new exercise routine, climb a rock wall, learn pole dancing and have an interesting interview lined up with a scientist relating to essential fatty acids and the importance of omegas.

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Don't forget to watch my journey on video at

- The Timaru Herald


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