Gut feeling it won't be good news - Moore

Dairy farmers are concerned about their immediate prospects following the receivership of NZ Dairies.

Ian Moore, a spokesman for the farmers who supply milk to NZ Dairies, admitted yesterday he was concerned about the immediate prospects.

"I'm the sort of person who expects the worst, hopes for the best, and is never disappointed, but my gut feeling is, it won't be good news."

His main concern was for sharemilkers, who typically own only the cows and share in the milk cheque, who have no equity to fall back on.

Mr Moore has already been in contact with rural bankers from the area who he hoped would turn up to yesterday's meeting and support the affected farmers, to prevent "anyone from going to the wall" if payments are delayed or do not come through.

Questions have surrounded NZ Dairies for some time with reports of a bleak outlook and an expected sale failing to materialise.

Mr Moore said he had met potential buyers from within New Zealand and from China who appeared genuine in their interest, but a deal was never able to be struck with the Russian owners.

Given the troubles of NZ Dairies' owner and the ongoing questions locally, he said he welcomed the receivership.

"It had to happen and they're doing the sensible thing to bring it to a head," he said, adding that he believed the receivership could help a sale of the company materialise.

Former board member Aad Van Leeuwen said yesterday he hoped the receivership would not negatively impact the region's industry.

The demise of the company was not a surprise. "With a bunch of Russians on the steering wheel what can you expect?"

The Timaru Herald