Dead pair: Woman's name released

03:51, May 29 2012
waihaohunga murder
MEDIA UPDATE: Detective Inspector Greg Williams talks to reporters after two bodies were discovered 30km west of Waimate.
waihaohunga murder
CLUE SEARCH: Police search the crime scene in rugged terrain and a forest plantation.
waihaohunga murder
CLUE SEARCH: Police search the crime scene in rugged terrain and a forest plantation.
waihaohunga murder
CLUE SEARCH: Police search the crime scene in rugged terrain and a forest plantation.
waihaohunga murder
CLUE SEARCH: Police search the crime scene in rugged terrain and a forest plantation.
waihaohunga murder
CLUE SEARCH: Police search the crime scene in rugged terrain and a forest plantation.
waihaohunga murder
CLUE SEARCH: Police search the crime scene in rugged terrain and a forest plantation.
waihaohunga murder
LAST SIGHTING: Jason Frandi's house in Smith St, Waimate, where he was last seen, sitting in his silver 1997 BMW.
waihaohunga murder
INFO WANTED: Police are investigating the whereabouts of Waimate man Jason Frandi.
waihaorunga murder
TOWN TALKING: Some Waimate residents like Donna Archbold, left, and Alison Gillespie are concerned about the lack of information on the two bodies found in a forestry plantation behind the town.

A Czech tourist has been named as the female victim of the homicide near Waimate.

She is believed to be 31-year-old Dagmar Pytlickova, also known as Dasha.

"Formal identification has yet to be completed but we are confident it is Dasha," Detective Inspector Greg Williams said.

Czech Republic tourist Dagmar "Dasha" Pytlickova.

Earlier today police confirmed missing Waimate man Jason Frandi was the dead man found not far from Ms Pytlickova's body by motorcyclists on a school charity trail ride on Sunday.

Mr Williams said alcohol bottles were scattered around the scene.

"Dasha has been in New Zealand since January and recently working at a Cromwell vineyard. We don't know the name of this vineyard as yet."


Police now want to talk to anyone who may have given Ms Pytlickova a ride to the Timaru area.

"We believe Dasha left Cromwell on Saturday and was hitch-hiking to the Timaru area. It is likely that she was picked up by more than one person before she encountered Waimate man Jason Frandi, whose body was positively identified earlier today. We believe the encounter with Frandi could have been somewhere between Omarama and Kurow.

"We need to speak to any person who gave her a lift that day.

"It is also likely that Dasha went to a cafe or takeaway during her journey between Cromwell and Kurow."

She was carrying a 60 litre blue/grey packpack.

"Dasha's family in the Czech Republic have been informed and say they are shocked and devastated about what has happened. They are still coming to terms with the news and have requested privacy. They do not want to be contacted by media," Mr Williams said.

Mr Williams said Mr Frandi's BMW vehicle was discovered at 12.30pm today about 3km "as the crow flies".

"While we have made positive progress today there is still much work to be done. We need to piece together the movements of Dasha and Jason Frandi on Saturday afternoon and establish how they came into contact."

Frandi's criminal history

Police revealed more details about Mr Frandi - including a conviction for kidnapping for sex a 19-year-old Oamaru woman in 2000, for which he served 3 1/2 years.

Mr Williams said the Oamaru woman, who had name suppression, had been spoken to and was "very traumatised".

"We were in contact yesterday with this victim and her family to advise them of developments. Media should be aware that name suppression remains in place for her and she has expressly asked that she is not contacted by media and has no comment to make."

Police also confirmed they had received some complaints with respect to child molestation allegations.

The police are focused on tracing the movements of Mr Frandi since he was reported missing at 11am on Saturday morning.

"We need to know where Mr Frandi went since Saturday morning and anyone who had contact with him," Detective Inspector Greg Williams said.

"We believe Mr Frandi was travelling somewhere in the Waimate, Kurow and Cromwell area on Saturday afternoon," Mr Williams said.

Police are continuing to examine the forestry area about 30km west of Waimate where Mr Frandi and Ms Pytlickova were discovered by motorcyclists on a charity trail ride.

Mr Williams said a team of nine staff had been searching surrounding tracks in an effort to locate the BMW. A post-mortem examination on the two bodies was taking place in Christchurch today.

Residents in Waimate have spoken about Mr Frandi, saying he had a history of run-ins with the law, including a past conviction for kidnapping.

Investigators reached by phone would not confirm those reports but said more information would be released by 3pm.

Neighbour Margaret Iggo said she'd lived in her Smith Street home, across the street from the Frandi residence, for 31 years. She said Mr Frandi was a quiet neighbour and had kept to himself since he moved there about eight or nine years ago.

Another neighbour, who didnt want to be named, said Mr Frandi worked long hours and spent weekends working on cars or mowing his lawn.

"People would sometimes come around. I think he used to help people with their cars," she said. "He was absolutely fine with us. We would wave and say hello, that was it."

Waimate community grapples with violent deaths

Members of the small Waimate community south of Timaru have expressed shock and disbelief at the violent crime following the discovery, at the weekend, of two bodies in a forest behind the township.

Annette Dungey, out walking her dog before work, said she'd known Mr Frandi as a longtime resident of Waimate but who was quiet and usually kept to himself.

He lived alone in his Smith Street house and did not have a partner or girlfriend as far as anyone knew, Mrs Dungey said. He did not have children, though he had once been in a relationship with a woman who did.

''I saw them together at the beach once,'' she said. ''He was good with them.''

But Mr Frandi was known around the community as a man with a troubled past, she said.

"I know he could be violent when he was drinking," she said. "I know that because he told me himself."

Sources said Mr Frandi might have been employed by Leathwick Contracting, in Waimate. Reached by phone, a spokesman for the company said he would not comment.

Before police confirmed Mr Frandi was the male found at the plantation, Waimate residents expressed frustration at the lack of information they had received.

Donna Archbold and Alison Gillespie, both Waimate residents, bundled up against the morning chill and sipping coffee, were talking over the news this morning.

They were frustrated, they said, with the lack of information from police that's left people feeling unsafe.

"It's a retirement town, full of old people, and a lot of them live alone," Ms Gillespie said. "People are worried and want to know if there's still someone out there."

"They must know if they have (Mr Frandi) or not," Ms Archbold said. "Why wouldn't they just come out and say?"

The two women said they didn't know Mr Frandi well, but they used to see him lifting weights at a local gym.

Rainbow Dairy and Cafe staff said Mr Frandi came in for food regularly. They described him as quiet and very polite.

Waimate District mayor John Coles said he was aware there were many unanswered questions the community was asking about the deaths, but only the police could answer those.

He said it was a shocking situation and no mayor liked to have to deal with such deaths in his community.

''In the main, I think we are a very caring community. I did not know the man but many others can identify who he was and what he was about.''

Police expect to release names today

This morning Detective Inspector Greg Williams said the information would be released "sooner rather than later".

Yesterday, investigators said at least one of the two people was being considered the victim of a homicide.

The two bodies were discovered about 11am on Sunday by riders participating in a fundraiser trail ride to benefit Waimate Main School.

It appears likely the deaths occurred in the area where the bodies were found.

Both bodies were flown out by helicopter yesterday afternoon and taken to Christchurch for autopsies.

Waimate Mayor John Coles told Radio New Zealand this morning said that the "safe and caring" community was still reeling from the deaths.

"We're absolutely shocked for the community to have this sort of news come through. I just have to put my faith in the police that they will get to the bottom of what went wrong here. There's a lot of unanswered questions to me so far."

Sunday's grisly discovery brought an annual fundraiser for Waimate Main School to an abrupt halt.

More than 300 motorbike riders turned up for the school's Blakely Pacific Forestry Trail Ride on the trails beyond Pentland Hills Rd.

The event began at 9am and the track had been open for about two hours when a group of riders discovered the bodies.

"It was supposed to be a fun day for everybody and raise funds for the school. It's quite unfortunate for them all," Coles said on air today.

Police are also seeking information on the movements of missing Waimate man Jason Frandi, 43, and his car, though investigators would not say whether Frandi was the male victim or otherwise connected with the incident.

Williams also declined to say whether police were looking for any other people in connection with the homicide.

Police said they were not ruling out the possibility the body was that of Frandi, but would not know for sure until it was positively identified.

Frandi was reported missing on Sunday by a family member. He is described as European, with close-cropped hair, a solid build, and extensive tattoos on his arms and the backs of both hands.

He was last seen about 11am on Saturday, sitting outside his residence in his car, a silver 1997 BMW 328i series saloon with the registration plate ATT530.

Coles said he had seen Frandi around town but did not know him personally.