Frandi's kidnap conviction

06:08, May 29 2012
Jason Frandi
CRIMINAL HISTORY: Jason Frandi, whose body was discovered with the body of a Czech tourist, had a conviction for abduction.

The Waimate man at the centre of a homicide inquiry threatened to kill himself after the abduction and attempted rape of a woman 12 years ago.

The bodies of Jason Keith William Frandi and a woman, who police believe to be 31-year-old Dagmar Pytlickova, were found on Sunday in the Waimate forest.

A court report from 2000 states that Frandi, then a 31-year-old forestry contractor, was jailed for three and a half years for an abduction of a young woman in Oamaru on January 4, 2000.

Frandi detained the 19-year-old without her consent with the intention of having sexual intercourse with her, the court heard.

When arrested soon after the incident, Frandi said he had intended on taking the woman to a forestry block and raping her. He said he also intended to kill himself.

In the victim impact statement, the young woman said the struggle with Frandi in his vehicle was a ''fight for her life".


At the time of the court case, six weeks after the event, the woman still lived in fear and had flash-backs about the incident and felt her life would never be the same again.

In court, counsel John Farrow said Frandi had been suffering from a depressive illness and suicidal feelings when he dragged the young woman into the vehicle.

Frandi described his actions in the spur of the moment, ill-conceived plan, as like an out-of-body experience. Because of his deep depression, Frandi had decided to commit suicide and this was to be his last act. He was very remorseful.

Judge John McDonald said of concern was the random nature of the incident and the fact the victim was a stranger.

The judge accepted Frandi had been in a depressed state, the offending had been out of character and he had expressed his remorse.

He gave Frandi credit for his early guilty plea. He reduced by 19 months what would have been a five-year sentence.

Media reports at the time said the woman was pushing her bicycle when Frandi pushed her into his vehicle.

Police praised a bystander who heard her screams and tried to intervene, grabbing the door handle then taking the registration number of the car as it sped off.

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