Freight cars derail in Timaru

08:36, Jun 15 2012
wagons derail
OVERTURNED: Train wagons derail near the Timaru shunting yards.

Several freight carriages jumped their tracks and derailed near the Strathallan St overbridge about 3:30pm Friday.

Four wagons were partially or totally off the tracks, including one that had fallen on its side just metres from a car park.

KiwiRail spokeswoman Jenni Austin said KiwiRail expected a crane to arrive later in the day to get the wagons back on the tracks.

The cause of the non-injury incident, which happened at low speed, was being investigated, she said.

Barbara Talbot, who works in the area and walked over to have a look, said she normally parks near the spot where the wagon toppled.

"It could have been bad if it had fallen the other way," she said.


None of the wagons had spilled their contents. One appeared to be carrying apples.

A group of curious onlookers gathered at the overbridge, but no one had witnessed the event.

Employees at several nearby businesses said they believed that section of track might recently have been re-laid. Ms Austin said she could no comment on that at this time.

"It's too early to speculate in any way on cause of this incident," she said. "We will investigate this thoroughly."

The investigation could take several weeks, she said.

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