Volunteers keep blood flowing

20:20, Jun 26 2012
geraldine high blood
LIFESAVERS: Dale MacLeod, left, and Kathryn Sullivan, 17, give blood yesterday at Geraldine High School library.

Community blood drives at more schools could be the key to recruiting more young donors, a spokesperson for the NZBlood Service says.

Geraldine High School has already opened its doors to the service, as part of a community based programme to get more young South Canterbury residents donating.

Donor recruiter Dale Maisey said the concept, which welcomes donors from within the school and wider community, had been a great success. Now she wants to introduce it to more schools in other parts of Canterbury.

Blood donations have been taken on site at Geraldine High School for "many years", she said.

The aim was to get people donating from a young age and for many more years to come.

Geraldine High School is allocated about 38 slots during each visit, leaving the wider community 40. The service was offered at the school yesterday, which attracted donors of many different ages.


Kathryn Sullivan, 17, was one of them. It was the second time she had given blood.

"It's not hard. I'm missing out on calculus, but I would rather be doing this."

Geraldine resident Dale MacLeod also gave blood yesterday, making it her 54th donation.

She has been donating blood since she was in her mid-20s and was well aware of its benefits.

"A workplace I was at, they were calling for people to give blood and I thought I would get in on that.

"Before that I was involved in blood transfusion testing, so I've seen the other side of [the industry]. I'm very aware of the need for blood and how few donate."

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